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The Process

We are the only clinic in Ireland offering Express TMS treatments (theta-burst stimulation). This is a highly effective programme of treatment that can be completed within 10 days (3 applications per day) compared to the usual 30 days for standard repetitive TMS.

What To Expect?

The magnetic coil which delivers the TMS treatment is typically positioned on the left side of the head.
This is the part of the brain which connects all the different brain areas involved in depression. You will be asked to wear a fabric cap in order to help us position the TMS coil.

Each treatment session lasts just 3 minutes, during which time you are asked to relax in a comfortable chair. We recommend repeating the treatment 3 times per day over a course of 10 days.

The magnetic pulses make a clicking noise and evoke a painless sensation on the head. 

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